Benefits of using chatbots for your business

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Would it not be so helpful if a virtual robot works for you round the clock? Would you not be happy if most of your business duties are made more accessible and less hectic?   Chatbots are your wonderful business companion that will make life easy for you on your website.

Chatbots are a solution to myriads of problems faced by many businesses in these modern days. The main idea behind the introduction of chatbots is to support and scale businesses intending to improve their relationship with customers. That is, chatbots bring business teams closer to their customers. They can even schedule appointments and enhance customer service.

The idea of chatbots might be viewed as a futuristic one but, as stated by the Global Web Index Statistics, 75% of internet users utilize one or more messenger platform; thus, increasing the chances of success of this innovative idea.  However, research has shown that each internet user launches 24 applications in a month.  And it has also been discovered that among the 24 applications, they spend most of their time on just 5 apps. The most common apps are Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc.  This development makes it hard for chatbots to succeed as an application. The best alternative is to integrate the chatbots into one of these most visited messenger platforms.

Here are some benefits that you stand to gain when you introduce chatbot technology into your business website.

  • Chatbots are readily available round the clock

One great advantage of chatbots is that it is readily available 24/7. It is a frustrating experience when you have to wait for a long time listening to music before a customer service agent could speak to you. On the average, customers spend about 7 mins before they are assigned to a customer representative that will attend to their request.  Those days of waiting for the next free customer care agent are being phased out.  Chatbots are fast replacing live chats and other means of contacts like phone calls and emails on many websites and now provide a more natural way to schedule appointments or even function as feedback bots.


  • Chatbots help you save money

As a business owner, you will surely employ staffs, and you have to pay them for their services. You will discover that the more the business expands, the more the staff requirement and automatically the more your human resource expenses. These growing expenses can be reduced by the introduction of chatbots. Chatbots are profitable investments that allow business owners to reduce the number of staffs without any attendant effect.

A simple way is by integrating chatbot into your customer service section of your website to respond to simple queries of customers while the staff handles the complex ones.


  • Chatbot can be made to do repetitive work perfectly

There is bound to be errors if a staff is made to do the same task over and over again. The failure might result from boredom or over-familiarity with the task.  Chatbots can be programmed to do repetitive tasks without any problem.  They can be of help with tasks that are needed often and at a particular time. Their introduction helps save useful time thereby increasing productivity.


  • Chatbots handle customers professionally

There are limits to what humans can do at the same time.  According to a study, it has been discovered that a human being is capable of handling only 3-4 task at a time. Errors are bound to set in if it goes beyond that.  Unlike humans, chatbots are capable of handling thousands of conversations simultaneously.  Irrespective of the time of the day or the number of people contacting, chatbots will respond instantly and satisfactorily to every question.


  • Chatbots give total customer satisfaction

This is another great benefit of using chatbots for your business. They are not humans that react based on their present emotion or mood. An agent that is not in a happy or good mood will not attend to customers in a good way thereby leaving the customer unsatisfied.  Chatbots do not respond to customers based on their mood, they do what they are programmed to deliver.  They always treat customers most humbly and politely no matter the attitude of the customer.  A bot can be trained to speak with customers in their own language in case of hospitality industries where travellers may not speak the same language.


  • Chatbots help in targeting a wide range of Audience

Chatbots are an avenue to reach a wider audience through integration into popular messaging platforms like Slack, Telegram, Skype, Facebook messengers and the likes. Such a combination will make it easier for business and organization to target a wider audience thereby growing their popularity and customer base.


  • Chatbots help business owners perform surveys

A survey is one of the most tedious tasks to perform, and most of the survey attempts through emails and websites remain unsuccessful. This is because the audience lacks interest. Some reasons include lack of time, lack of motivation and many more.  A survey can be achieved by engaging feedback bots as they do their study simultaneously as they engage customers in conversation. They also work on social media websites to help you to collect data from many sectors.


  • Chatbots make Push Notification more noticeable and relevant

Push notifications are a more effective way of communication than emails. But, it has been discovered that most times, information does not catch the attention of the target audience.  This is mainly due to the fact that most online users see them as irrelevant and consider it a waste of time or distraction.  Chatbots are a practical solution to this problem.  They can be used to make interactive notifications that increase customer engagement and improve customer service quality and ratings.

Chatbots are fast becoming part of today’s business landscape and are proving that they are bringing more functionality and productivity to companies.

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