Mobile Devices and User Experience

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The number of mobile users is constantly growing. In addition, the time that average users spend on mobile devices is also increasing. So, it is no surprise why more and more business owners are interested in the improvement of their online presence for mobile users. In order to achieve this goal, they must consider the relation of mobile devices and user experience for this is a completely different experience compared to personal computer or laptop.

It doesn’t really matter if you are planning to use a mobile-responsive website or a special mobile app the main point is to focus on their complete experience, including before and after they interact with your platform.

Mobile user experience is more complex compared to desktop user experience and this is definitely something that should be left to true professionals. By identifying the basic elements of mobile user experience, every business owner will be able to improve their online presence. Here are some elements that AllinBrand think would be important to consider:


One of the first things that must be taken into consideration when it comes to mobile user experience is functionality. When you think about functionality you must focus on presenting features that are relevant and most useful to mobile users. For instance, if you own a bus company, you can highlight the bus arrival and departure dates. In addition, include features that give further insights for re-visits or re-use of your platform like “trip planning” or “customer feedbacks.” AllinBrand knows what to expect from a user perspective and we’re more than happy to integrate our expertise into your business.

Platform Structure

Next, you must think about the structure of your app. Mobile user experience is all about finding the right connection between content and functionality. Try to shorten the content and place relevant internal links in the textual content. It is also a good idea to use internal links to images and videos. Needless to say, the navigation must be flawless and this is exactly where many businesses fail to meet user requirements. If the navigation is slow or confusing, it is very likely that visitors be frustrated and eventually click on the “close” button.

Content Quality

While we are talking about content, it is good to mention that content is equally important for any kind of user experience including mobile user experience. Try to make a balance between marketing, promotional, instructional and an overall useful content. In addition, even though space is limited, you should consider using different types of media including images, photos, and videos. Make sure that the content is suitable for mobile users and remember to test the website on every popular platform, especially on Android and iOS.

Visual Effect

Talking about improving mobile user experience without mentioning design is a huge mistake. The design is all about the interactive experience and visual perception of mobile users. Layout, branding, graphic design, colors and illustration – these are some of the elements you should analyze to optimize the effectiveness of your mobile platform. Here at AllinBrand, are proud to have a well-experienced team with the passion to bring the best of design on the table of your business.

Social Presence

Finally, in order to get or improve mobile user experience, you will need to make your mobile online presence more social. Use share buttons everywhere you can and create content that is shareable, or as we’d put it: universal. It is crucial to acknowledge the fact that mobile devices are the future and that every business must pay special attention to the user experience of mobile users.

There are much more that we can offer to better mobilize your business. Contact us to learn more, as we are happy to share our expertise and elevate your brand.


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