Top 5 Branding Trends in 2016

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There are many people who believe that branding is all about graphic element and logos, but that’s not true. Branding is more complex and includes the logo, social media, website experience, app experience and much more. Branding is important for every business because it allows the company to stand out from the crowd, motivates staffs, produces referrals and improves business value. Each year, the trends in the field of branding are changing and this year is not different. That’s why AllinBrand has decided to summarize the most important branding trends for 2016 in one article.

The quality will be more important than ever

Obviously, any activity related to branding should contain some level of quality, but it seems that this 2016, quality will be more important than ever. Instead of focusing on a broader audience, it is to focus on smaller audience, but deliver the business message in a more quality way.


Customers and clients have always wanted to listen to personalized message because in this way they can connect with your brand. In the past, personalization of branding was a little bit difficult, but thanks to modern technology, this is no longer a long and difficult task. This is especially true for companies that rely on social media platforms to promote their products and/or services, including AllinBrand. Even the giants like Coca-Cola and Apple are following this trend. They offer engraved products or products with messages that encourage people to share their products. So do we! AllinBrand offers a wide range of personalized services for every business regardless of level, type, or industry.

Being less corporate

Another trend that we can expect in 2016 is the trend of being less corporate, more human, and personable. Modern customers want to deal with companies that share their own values and companies that have a human face, not some imaginary corporate face. So, those who want to follow the latest branding trends must include increased number of human attributes in their business messages to link to the emotions of consumers and users.

Bigger involvement from the staff

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As we have already mentioned, branding is a very complex process and no wonder why successful companies hire professionals to deal with this process. This trend won’t change in 2016, but many experts predict that companies will encourage employees to provide helpful insights and actively participate in the process of branding. Thanks to their experience and opinions, the branding process will evolve in the right way.

Real time activities

Another interesting trend when it comes to branding is being present in real time activities. Live promotions of products, coverage of certain events organized by the company – these are some of the things that are worth to be broadcasted. A brand that presents all the time in the lives of the consumers is a successful, modern brand.

Keep in mind that these are only some of the branding trends in 2016. This area is changing all the time, so business owners must remain active and follow the latest news and changes. Here at AllinBrand we also keep a keen and professional eye on these trends. So don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a better understanding!

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