What are key components of a social media content strategy?

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Creating content can be time-consuming, challenging, and costly – that’s why most businesses choose to hire a creative content agency instead of producing content themselves. Regardless of whether you outsource content creation or take the DIY approach, however, it’s crucial to maximize the ROI of your content. 


In addition to producing evergreen content and periodically updating old articles, posts, and videos, one of the best ways to improve your content’s value is to optimize it for multiple platforms. Creating content that drives engagement across different social media networks will ensure you get maximum exposure for every marketing dollar you spend. 


8 Effective Content Optimization Strategies for Social Media


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Different social media channels can vary substantially in tone, etiquette, and target audience. For this reason, creating content that works for every platform requires research and a carefully tailored approach. Below, we’ll break down eight ways to make sure your content is suitable for cross-platform publication:


1. Create short videos.


Short videos have a universal appeal because they’re fun, engaging, and a natural fit for busy lifestyles. They’re also one of the most effective forms of marketing: According to research from Hubspot, 81% of marketers report that video marketing directly increased their sales, while 94% say videos have helped their customers understand their products and services.

Short-form videos are also easy to produce; in most cases, they can be filmed on a smartphone without special equipment. 


Publish short videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and YouTube for maximum exposure.


2. Make your content more interactive.


Encouraging viewers to interact with your content is a guaranteed way to get more comments, likes, and shares and boost the ranking of your posts. Some ideas for creating interactive content include:


  • Posting polls, quizzes, and surveys.
  • Holding photo caption contests. 
  • Hosting company Q&As
  • Live Streaming

    3. Encourage user-generated content


User-generated content is another excellent strategy to get people involved with your content – and your brand – across multiple social media networks. As the name suggests, UGC includes photos, posts, and videos submitted by users, typically in exchange for the opportunity to win a prize or receive a discount on your products or services.

These types of promotions are easy to host across several social platforms at once, and they’re ideal for building customer loyalty because they make customers feel recognized and appreciated. 


4. Draw on the power of emotion.


Creating content with impact is all about making your audience smile, laugh, or get involved with a cause. To use emotion effectively in your social media posts, think about your brand’s image, tone, and values: Is your brand lighthearted, trendy, or socially conscious?

Align the emotions conveyed by your content with the feelings you want your brand to evoke. 


5. Use analytics to fine-tune your content.


Social media analytics track how many likes, shares, impressions, and comments your posts receive, allowing you to see what type of content and which social media networks work best for your brand. You can then use this information to create more effective, targeted content. 


Online tools like HootSuite Analytics and Google Analytics provide an overview of your content’s performance across multiple social media networks, saving you the effort of checking each network’s analytics individually.

However, using these tools (and interpreting their output) can be challenging for beginners, so you may want to consider outsourcing data analytics to an online marketing agency instead. 


6. Comment, reply, like, and share.


One of the most common mistakes businesses make is passively waiting for users to discover their content. Regardless of which social media platform you’re using, one of the best ways to draw attention to your posts is to actively comment on, like, and share other users’ content.

Similarly, you should always reply to others who engage with your posts. This practice makes your brand more visible and helps other users relate to you on a personal level, thereby establishing a meaningful connection with consumers.


We recommend hiring a social media management company once your content gains traction to prevent social media management from interfering with other business operations. A social media agency can help you plan your content, generate high-quality traffic, and monitor your accounts, so you never miss a post or comment. 


7. Give your audience an inside look into your business.


Detached, impersonal content quickly gets lost in the crowd, no matter which social media network you’re using. To build lasting connections with consumers, you’ll need to put a human face on your brand by highlighting your history, mission, and what goes on “behind the scenes” at your business.

Some ideas for this kind of content include staff profiles, posts about giving back to your community, workplace tours, and “how-to” videos created by your staff. 


8. Use images to get your content noticed.


There’s a reason most social media networks include a solid visual element: Posts with pictures typically receive 650% more engagement than posts without images. Make sure you enrich your blog, Facebook, and Twitter content with images and post on image-based networks like Instagram and Pinterest.

You can also turn your pictures into short-form videos for TikTok or Instagram live using a simple video editor or an online tool like Animoto


To select compelling images to promote your brand, avoid bland, generic stock photos. Instead, consider shooting photos yourself (or hiring a photographer) to give your visual content a unique, personal touch.


Get Help from a Content Marketing Consultant in Toronto


Creating a highly successful content strategy takes time, resources, expertise, and specialized marketing and analytics tools. If you’re new to digital marketing, a content marketing consultant can help you explore content strategy, discover the best marketing techniques, and avoid costly mistakes.

Or, if you would prefer to focus on growing your business, a consultant can connect you with an agency capable of managing content production on your behalf. 

Are you interested in learning more about how a Toronto creative content agency can help you understand your customers and maximize the ROI of your content? Our experts offer affordable guidance and a wide range of branding services. Contact AllinBrand today to start developing a successful content strategy for your business

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